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1970-1979 Nissan Concepts, Prototypes, and Pre-production

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1970 126x Concept

1970 nissan 126x Concept   1970 nissan 126x Concept   1970 nissan 126x Concept  
The 126x had a wedge shaped design with a forward-tilting cockpit canopy. The slots along the hoods center housed red, yellow, and green lights which lit up in accordance to what the vehicle was doing (accelerating, braking, or constant speed). The vehicle featured a rear-mounted 3-litre 6 cylinder power plant and 4-wheel drive.

1970 270x Concept

1970 Nissan 270x Concept Rear View   1970 Nissan 270x Concept Front View  
The 270x concept was introduced at the 17th Tokyo Motorshow in 1970. The aggressive style was not matched with its performance as the base mechanicals were from the Nissan E10 Cherry. The Cherry's 1171cc motor was transverse mounted into a FWD design in which the exhaust system exited the back in order to conform to the sloping design.

1970 315a Concept

1970 315a Concept   1970 315a Concept  
In 1970, Nissan released the 315a electric commuter concept. With a single motor powering the rear wheels, the 315a measured in at 95 inches and was capable of achieving 56mph with a neck-snapping 0-19mph in 6 seconds.

1970 Cherry Pre-Production

1970 Nissan Cherry Pre-Production vehicle  

1971 216x Concept

1971 Nissan 216x Concept   1971 Nissan 216x Concept  
The 216x utilized a transverse-mounted 2-litre 4-cylinder power plant. While in motion, the bumpers were designed to extend automatically by just under 6 inches. The roof-bulge housed the optics for a rear-view periscope. The 216x is knows as Nissans experimental safety car.

1971 ESV Concept

1971 Nissan ESV Concept  
The ESV series was another excercise in safety by Nissan. The ESV had a periscope bulge on the roof and possibly ABS braking and an airbag system.

1972 Skyline Concept

1972 Nissan Skyline Concept  

1973 1200 Rotary Concept

1973 Nissan 1200 series Rotary Concept   1973 Nissan 1200 series Rotary Concept   1973 Nissan 1200 series Rotary Concept  

1973 EV Truck Concept

1973 Nissan EV Truck Concept   1973 Nissan EV Truck Concept  
Nissan takes another stab at an electric vehicle in order to futher their progress in evaluating the technology for future use.

1974 Laurel C130-EV Concept

1974 Laurel Electric Vehicle Concept   1974 Laurel Electric Vehicle Concept   1974 Laurel Electric Vehicle Concept  
The "Laurel Electric" utilized a trunk full of lead acid batteries which drove a 16kw motor mounted under the hood and even included air conditioning (weight was 1645kg). This RWD vehicle utilized a transmission which only had single forward and reverse gears, had a range of 40 miles and a top speed of 53mph.

1975 AD-1 Concept

1975 Nissan AD-1 Concept   1975 Nissan AD-1 Concept   1975 Nissan AD-1 Concept  
Mid-engined styling concept featuring a cantilever roof design. The AD-1 was based on the F10 1400 Cherry and appeared at the 1975 Tokyo MotorShow.

1975 GR-1 Concept

1975 Nissan GR-1 Concept  
GR-1 stands for General Research Mk1 and was the experimental replacement to the ESV series. The GR-1 is based on the Bluebird 610 and utilizes an L14 powerplant. Instead of padded bumpers, the GR-1 utilized a "soft" nose cone.

1977 AD-2 Concept

1977 Nissan AD-2 Concept   1977 Nissan AD-2 Concept  
"AD" stood for Advanced Design. A design study for the ultimate 6-passenger luxury sedan, the AD-2 featured a L28E 2.8-litre EFI inline-6 with a 4-link rear from the Nissan Laurel. The body had ultra-thin pillars, flared body panels, an airdam, and a rear wraparound window for increased visibility. It still had fender mirrors, but they were integrated into the body work of the front wings.

1977 GR-2 Concept

1977 Nissan GR-2 Concept  


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