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Pre-70's Nissan Concepts, Prototypes, and Pre-production

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1955 Datsun 110

Pre-production image of a 1955 DATSUN (the first of the Post WW-II Datsuns).

1963 1900 Sprint Concept


1962 - 64 NISSAN 2000GT

Above are pictures of the Clay Model and Metal Prototype of the Nissan 2000GT Concept Development Effort. Project stopped at the end of 1964.

1965-1967 Plan A

1965 to 1966 designs that lead the the birth of the 240Z.

1964 Silvia Pre-Production


1966 Silvia Roadster


1966 510 Concept

Clay design of the 510 Sedan which was specially designed for release in the United States.

1966 Concept


1968 Sunny Coupe Pre-Production


1969 Styling Study


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